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The fact is that, your ability to help a child in need may make the difference between life and death by sponsoring a child through our become a child sponsor today program. a future , you help an orphan or vulnerable child break through the viscous cycle of poverty and rescue them from their appalling and oppressive situation.

  • become a childsponsor for $40 USD a month and give that child a brighter future.

  • On a sad note there are many young girls who can not afford even basic primary education and as a result many surrender themselves to prostitution in order to gain enough to pay for school fees. tragically some of these girls end up with HIV or STDs and do not see themselves complete and further their education. AIDS ends up taking away their hopes and future expectations.

  • Our become a child sponsor program has a cross cultural approach which seeks to connect Uganda schools to other partner schools all over the world to bring about a greater understanding of international issues and the importance of development and assistance, in reducing poverty.

  • The program seeks to bring about awareness and understanding of our developing world. one of the major motive is to help young people connect and learn cross-culture diversity, which will hopefully encourage them to become more responsible and responsible towards shaping brighter and productive future

Photo Gallery: TRICH Ministries

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Photo Gallery: TRICH Ministries

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